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Gain secure access to state of the art cryptocurrency products with Cryptex, a new digital asset management firm. 

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what we do

Cryptocurrency products for the digital age

Digital assets are the economic driving force of tomorrow. Cryptex makes it simple to invest in them today, creating secure, cutting edge cryptocurrency products.


Real time price exposure to the entire cryptocurrency market via a single tokenized asset


Backed by a network of tier 1 custodians and collateralized stablecoin assets.


State of the art, secure cryptocurrency products with competitive fee schedules = entry to the largest emerging asset class.


Like a conventional index fund, TCAP.X gives investors real-time price exposure to the total cryptocurrency market cap. Our tokenized investment product is synched via the Cryptex Oracle and Nomics, the market leader in transparent crypto data.

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MINT.X is a structured stablecoin product that offers investors a low-risk access point to cryptocurrency assets. Using an innovative staking model, MINT.X offers a 4.5% yield that bests conventional bank offerings — all while aggressively managing risk in only staking 1:1 USD backed stablecoin.

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For accredited investors and institutional buyers seeking Bitcoin exposure with minimal volatility, NOTE.X is the answer. NOTE.X is a 1-year structured Bitcoin note offering minimum return on principal in exchange for a fixed upside performance cap.

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We’re on the move.


Crypto investing, simplified

Digital assets are here to stay, and so is Cryptex. By bridging the gap between traditional investment products and innovative-by-design digital currencies, we’re helping investors participate in the blockchain paradigm with ease.

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Our team

We’re on a mission to make digital asset investment simple, accessible, and secure.

Joseph Sticco

Founder & CEO

Rony Thomas

Co-Founder & CTO

Preston Van Loon

Blockchain Lead

Thomas Matzner

Co-Founder & CBO



Common questions we are asked.

What are Cryptex products?

Currently, we offer accredited investors and qualified institutional buyers three products: NOTE.X, MINT.X, AND TCAP.X. Each product offers accesses a different set of investment features and offers a wide range of potential returns to investors.

Why should I use Cryptex?

Cryptex is directly responding to the disparity between traditional investment products and the lack thereof in the cryptocurrency market. We’ve created financial products that both simplify digital asset investment and create a secure custodial environment for your holdings.

Is investing in Cryptex products safe?

Investments in the cryptocurrency market carry an EXTREMELY high degree of risk. Past performance of any cryptocurrency related asset is not indicative of future results.

What is a stablecoin?

Stablecoins are digital assets backed by currencies, such as the United States Dollar, — or pegged to — other assets/commodities. The term stablecoin is derived from the relative stability of such assets — they are designed to keep or maintain value without the volatile movements which characterize many digital currencies.

Who is Cryptex for?

Cryptex offers a range of digital currency investment vehicles suitable for accredited investors and qualified institutional buyers. Seasoned professionals from the traditional finance sphere interested in digital assets can find immense value in the Cryptex ecosystem.

Are Cryptex investment products regulated?

The Cryptex legal team is in the process of legal filing for MINT.X and NOTE.X, pursuant to rule 506(c)/Reg D/Rule 144a. Additionally, we are securing qualified institutional desks and funds for TCAP.X as well as providing tier 1 custodianship for TCAP.X, MINT.X, and NOTE.X products.


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